The Many Health Benefits of Nopal Cactus Juice

The prickly nopal plant, also called Opuntia ficus-indica or Dornbirne, is a collection of cacti that can be quickly found in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico and the southwestern United States. The prickly plant opal, which is an important part of the weight control plans of many residents of the area, has apparently made them think about the medicinal benefits that have recently settled on the food web, particularly regarding the benefits of medicinal juices derived from nopal desert plants.

A unique source of antioxidants

Nopal desert plant juice, made from the pear crop, is an exceptional source of rare cancer inhibitors called Betalains. Betalains are typically only found in foods grown in a few places that can impart pigmentation to these things, such as beets, chard, and nopal desert plant products. pink. In humans, these unusual anti-cancer drugs fill a certain need in cells: they capture free radicals (flickering atoms) and “spread” them before they destroy or damage anything. The absence of excessive cell damage is the cause of the ripening process, so the juice of prickly nopal plants is said to impair their ripening properties.

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