Worried About Your Partner Discovering and Losing Your Loose Vagina?

Some people may think this is silly and clever, but the saddest part of a woman’s life is when her partner finds her vagina free. Women are often unaware that their vaginas are free until their partners let them know. Your partner may complain about this regularly, but it is unlikely that anyone else will experience the same feeling. It’s hard to be sure if your vagina is transparent as there hasn’t been anything like a normal size or fit lately.

Women who are confused and humiliated by an empty vagina often experience side effects, such as

– You need to insert larger objects into your vagina to excite them.

– Difficulty grasping the pointer with the vagina

– If you are not aroused, your vagina is not completely closed.

– Orgasm is not as effective as before, requires more effort

– You wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet your accomplice as before.

– You can freely insert at least three fingers into your vagina

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